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Rep. Ted Poe nearly chokes to death at Washington eatery

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Rep. Ted Poe of Texas nearly choked to death on popcorn but was saved when a fellow Republican and a House staffer who is a doctor spent several minutes administering the Heimlich maneuver.

The congressman was eating at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington last week and began choking, The Associated Press reported. A spokesperson for Mr. Poe said Rep. Matt Salmon of Arizona, who was dining nearby, rushed to help and initiated the Heimlich, AP said.

“They did that for a few minutes, and it didn’t appear to be dislodging,” the spokesperson said in a Tuesday statement to AP. So Mr. Salmon dialed 911. And that’s when Dr. Nick Muzin, a GOP House staffer, overheard and came to assist. Dr. Muzin did the Heimlich and was successful, AP reported.

Mr. Poe felt well enough to finish his meal, AP reported.

“He was in good spirits, joking around. He told me that he choked up when he heard the score of the congressional baseball game, in which the Republicans were being slaughtered by the Democrats,” 24-0, Dr. Muzin said.

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