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  • BOOK REVIEW: ‘This Living Hand and Other Essays’

    Fans of award-winning biographer Edmund Morris will exult in this personal volume of essays culled, as the author puts it, from 40 years of capital -- "the raw material from which any mature style must derive." In 59 contributions to magazines and newspapers, we are given a buffet of the author's wide and varied interests.

  • BOOK REVIEW: Playing doctor and diplomat

    "What are you going to tell me about him that I don't already know?" This question from a friend, writes Ron Reagan, author of this book marking his father's 100th birthday on Feb. 6, "is entirely legitimate if a bit disquieting." It should be disquieting, for the answer is, nothing much.

  • BOOK REVIEW: Figuring out a paradoxical president

    Theodore Roosevelt - one of the few presidents to captivate people almost a century after his death - embodied the phrase "collection of contradictions." He was, for example, cerebral and athletic, as well as both radical and conservative. Edmund Morris has spent much of his professional career trying to figure out and explain this paradoxical president.

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  • "Actually Roosevelt was struggling, as throughout his life, between the need for power and the consequences of responsibility. It was a struggle he had never been able to wholly resolve: indeed, its contrary tensions held him together. He wanted to destroy Taft, because Taft had failed. He was determined that Taft should succeed because Taft was an extension of himself," Mr. Morris writes.

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  • He writes, "Roosevelt had little physical resilience anymore. Cuban and Amazonian pathogens were rampant in his system, which had been further battered by erysipelas and a recent attack of ptomaine poisoning. But what made this [Quentin's] loss so devastating was the truth that it conveyed: that death in battle was no more glamorous than a death in an abattoir."

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