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  • ** FILE ** Morgan Griffith, R-Va. (Associated Press)

    GOP Rep: House would have nixed NSA program

    The revelation that the National Security Agency broke court-imposed privacy rules thousands of times a year in snooping Americans' phone and email records would have changed the outcome of last month's House vote to defund the program, according to one legislator who was part of the effort.

  • Senior Editor Emily Miller (Richard Diamond/The Washington Times)

    MILLER: Have gun, will travel

    Law-abiding gun owners can run into serious trouble when on the move. Venturing into firearm-unfriendly states creates confusion about what individuals need to do to abide by a confusing maze of regulations. Congress should act to prevent honest citizens from winding up behind bars because police are misinformed.

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  • Mr. Griffith, the Virginia Republican, said he could not understand how -- if the NSA broad programs, according to controversial figures released by the administration, had provided leads or otherwise helped in only 54 different terrorist cases  -- there could be so much erroneous collection.

    GOP Rep: House would have nixed NSA program →

  • “We only needed seven votes to switch and I think there were at least seven, probably more like 20-30, who had their concerns about the program but were prepared to give the intelligence agencies the benefit of the doubt," Rep. Morgan Griffith, Virginia Republican, told The Washington Times after the NSA rules violations came to light.

    GOP Rep: House would have nixed NSA program →

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