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  • The Supreme Court building in Washington, Monday, June 30, 2014, following various court decisions. The court ruled on birth control, union fees and other cases. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

    MALKIN: Obstructionism is patriotic

    Three cheers for right-wing obstructionism. Can we have more, please, and louder?

  • Judge denies union link in O'Bannon trial

    Plaintiffs in the upcoming NCAA antitrust trial will not be able to introduce as evidence the recent decision that allowed Northwestern football players to vote on whether they wanted to join a union.

  • Union in North Carolina welcomes college athletes

    A North Carolina union for public workers will allow scholarship student-athletes at public universities to join as state employees.

  • Jocks on strike? Congress looks at unions organizing atheletes

    A congressional panel held a hearing last week scrutinizing a National Labor Relations Board opinion that cleared the way for college athletes to unionize.

  • Northwestern AD says athletes need a vote

    Northwestern athletic director Jim Phillips says college athletes need more than just a voice when it comes to issues that affect them. They need a vote.

  • Feds ask 3rd parties to weigh in on college union

    A labor agency has invited outside parties to weigh in on whether Northwestern football players should be able to unionize.

  • Baylor University President Ken Starr testifies at the House Committee on Education and Workforce on college athletes forming unions, on May 8, 2014 on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/Lauren Victoria Burke)

    Witnesses oppose NLRB ruling on college athletes

    Baylor University President Ken Starr voiced strong opposition Thursday to a regional National Labor Relations Board ruling that scholarship football players at Northwestern University are technically school employees and thus entitled to collective bargaining rights.

  • Hearing on athletes' union worries activist

    A former linebacker leading the drive to form the nation's first union for college athletes said Wednesday he fears a congressional hearing could be a step toward legislative barriers that would thwart unionization.

  • Point Park adjunct professors to hold union vote

    More than 300 part-time professors at Point Park University in Pittsburgh plan to vote on whether to unionize.

  • Historic day as Northwestern players decide union

    In a historic vote, Northwestern University football players cast secret ballots Friday on whether to form the nation's first union for college athletes - a decision that could change the landscape of American amateur sports.

  • Northwestern players to cast historic union vote

    Northwestern University's football players will cast ballots Friday on whether to form the nation's first union for college athletes - a potentially landmark vote that will be kept sealed for months and possibly years.

  • Some rules regarding Northwestern union vote

    In the wake of a ruling by a regional director of the National Labor Relations Board that they qualify as employees under federal law, Northwestern football players are voting Friday on whether to form the nation's first union for college athletes. Some questions and answers:

  • UAW drops appeal of defeat in Volkswagen vote

    The United Auto Workers dropped its appeal of a worker vote against unionizing at a Volkswagen plant in Tennessee, a move that the union said should put pressure on Republican politicians to quickly approve incentives the German automaker is seeking to expand its lone U.S. assembly plant.

  • War of words in Northwestern-athletes' union fight

    Northwestern University and a group trying to unionize college athletes are trading accusations as the National Labor Relations Board considers the school's appeal of a federal ruling that scholarship athletes essentially are employees of the university and therefore have the right to unionize, bargain collectively and even strike.

  • Northwestern QB says union push was rushed, wrong

    Northwestern's Trevor Siemian said Wednesday it was wrong for former quarterback Kain Colter and other players to explore unionization without first taking their concerns to their coach and administrators.

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