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  • Peter Orszag

    Orszag: Obama lost leverage for fiscal fights ahead

    Despite Democratic claims to the contrary, President Obama's former top budget adviser thinks his old boss has lost leverage for the budget battles to come in the wake of this week's deal avoiding an immediate fall over the "fiscal cliff."

  • North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue, right, speaks with an Red Cross worker about damage Hurricane Irene left behind in Trenton, N.C., Sunday, Aug. 28, 2011. (AP Photo/Jim R. Bounds)

    EDITORIAL: Democrats scared of the masses

    Liberals have isolated the problem in American politics today: There is just too much democracy. The incessant demands of the unwashed masses are far too distracting for the philosopher kings in the government to get any work done.

  • Illustration: Obamacare mandate by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

    THUNE: Another broccoli mandate?

    When Congress was debating the Obamacare law last year, I raised many concerns about the size and scope of the law and the outrageous amount of new federal taxes and spending it created. Like many people, I also have grown concerned about the law's impact on Americans' personal freedoms. My concern stems not only from its controversial mandate that every American buy health insurance, but also from other federal mandates that could follow.

  • White House exodus stirs political buzz

    The White House has seen a stunning pre-election exodus of high-level staffers, culminating in the departure over the last two weeks of President Obama's chief of staff and national security adviser.

  • President Obama's top budget official, Peter Orszag, plans to step down later this year, White Houses sources said Tuesday, June 22, 2010. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

    White House budget chief stepping down

    Peter R. Orszag, director of the White House's Office of Management and Budget, positioning him to be the first high-profile member of President Obama's team to depart the administration.

  • Political Scene

    White House budget chief Peter R. Orszag said Tuesday that he will step down next month, positioning him to be the first high-profile member of President Obama's team to depart the administration.

  • Hundreds of job seekers line up in Westerly, R.I., on Tuesday to apply for jobs at the soon-to-open Ocean House luxury resort hotel. The unemployment rate is expected to rise as some laid- off workers return to the job market. (Sean D. Elliot/The Day via Associated Press)

    Obama team takes heat over unemployment

    Bipartisan frustration boiled over on Capitol Hill Tuesday at the Obama administration's inability to bring down the unemployment rate, with one liberal House Democrat telling top administration officials they have shown "no urgency" about fixing the problem.

President Obama delivers a statement on the 2011 budget that he sent to Congress on Monday from the White House.

    Obama's budget knife takes smaller cuts

    President Obama on Monday failed to heed his vow to take an ever-sharper scalpel to the budget during tough economic times, instead proposing $1 billion less in discretionary spending cuts than last year.

Peter R. Orszag, director of the Office of Management and Budget, says pay-as- you-go rules supply important constraints to the government's impulse to overspend.

    Pay-go's promise routinely broken by Washington

    The pay-as-you-go rules President Obama is resurrecting as a solution to runaway federal spending have been repeatedly violated by Congress and the White House, allowing hundreds of billions of dollars to be spent without the required spending cuts or tax increases.

  • President Barack Obama, accompanied by Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., arrives on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, March 25, 2009, to meet with senators to discuss his budget. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

    Senate, House budgets '98% the same' as Obama's

    The White House declared victory Wednesday saying the House and Senate budget proposals are "98 percent the same" as President Obama requested.

  • Bill aimed to keep recession at bay

    Congress' chief budget scorekeeper said yesterday that the recently approved economic-stimulus plan makes a recession less likely, although many private economists say the country already is in recession.

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